Newsletter  - The Newsletter publishes 12 months per year.  All members receive a copy by mail.  Deadline for materials for the Newsletter is always the first Friday service of each month.  All materials should be submitted to before each deadline.  Personal notices and business ads may be placed in the Newsletter.  All material published at the discretion of the committee.  All rights reserved.   

Contact Gail Weiss 702-355-6220

Hospitality - As a new member you may want to become familiar with BKB.  We're here to help you do that and also to offer recognition to special people and special events.  Prior to and after each service, visit our Hospitality Table and ask questions for anything you need.  We offer new members a periodic 'Meet and Greet' where they can meet and chat with BKB leadership

over coffee and cake. 

Membership - Leslie Kandel is our Membership Vice-President.  She maintains your membership application on file and you should insure that all spelling and dates are accurate.  Call her to volunteer your time to help.

Contact Leslie Kandel 702-838-3560

Looking to see what's going on and be a part of it...... contact our members below

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Bereavement-  When a member of BKB passes away, our Sisterhood assists the family after a funeral by ordering and/or serving a sweet tray. 

Call us anytime you need help with a bereavement.  Announcements to be sent to the

congregation if you like.

Contact Sydell Miller  702-363-1068     

Prayer Books (sedurim)  - A Prayer Book, Gates of Prayer, can be donated to BKB in memory of or in honor of your special family members or friends.  Our prayer books are in constant use at every service and do wear out.  Your donation of $35.00 provides a brand new prayer book with a dedication plate placed on the inside of the front cover.  A card is also sent to acknowledge

your ​gift an it is listed in our Prayer Book



Tribute Cards- You can remember friends and family with a Tribute Card while helping our temple.  We have cards for all occasions, Anniversary, Birthday, Get Well, Mazel Tov, Sympathy.  They are inexpensive and last

a long time with good effects

​Contact Marlene Sherman 702-873-7246

Tzedakah - BKB is a very generous Temple and has a very active committee.  We depend upon you to further this work.  To continue donating to Adcock make checks payable BKB/Adcock and mail to BKB, PO Box 33503, Las Vegas,

NV 89133-3503

Contact Hersh Aron  702-360-0484

YahrzeitBKB maintains a calendar of the death of your loved ones.  In advance of that anniversary we send a reminder of the date of the service when the name will be read.  If you wish to add a loved one, please call Sheldon Rosenberg

Contact 702-870-8105

Sunshine Committee  - Please call anytime you know of someone being ill and especially if they are admitted to any of the local hospitals.  A call brings warmth of the congregation who is ill.  Someone from the committee will call and see how we can be of help.

Contact Moreh Allan Spector 


Education-  When you want to learn more about our Heritage and our customs, you need to touch base with our BKB Ritual Director -

Mike Fefferman (414) 704-0730

Choir -    The Choir loves anyone who loves to sing.  You do not need to read Music or Hebrew. The Choir meets every Friday morning from 9:15 till 10:30 at the Sun City Pinnacle Community Center,  2215 Thomas Ryan Boulevard.  

There are Perks for your involvement. 

Contact Vicki Socol  (818) 399-7748

Jewish National Fund - Plant trees in Israel through the Jewish National Fund. Contributions to the JNF are available through the Temple at a cost of $18.00 for each tree..

​Contact Marilyn Hirsch

​(702) 243-9484

Oneg Shabbat Sponsorship - BKB Sisterhood likes to share your "Simcha" with you. The cost is just $25.00.  Sisterhood buys, arranges, sets-up and cleans up.  Your Simcha is announced from the Bimah, published in the Newsletter and you receive a special blessing from our spiritual leaders.  Stop at the hospitality table on  your

way in to pick up your special recognition

Contact Arlene Gold 702-363-8008

Website and Emails - We communicate to members and prospect with our website.  Advise us immediately if you have any corrections or suggestions.  Also please register your email with Leslie Kandel to get on all email blasts.  If not, connect by email to Gail Weiss -

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