BKB Singles Group
Helene Orenstein

Every BKB member who pays for a BKB individual membership is automatically a member of the BKB Singles’ Group, approximately 1/3 of the congregation. The BKB Singles Group also welcomes BKB members who are “socially single” – the individual they share their BKB membership with is for health or other reasons unable to attend social events.

The BKB Singles’ Group’s purpose is to foster friendships and a sense of community for BKB Single members. We have a monthly social either at someone’s home, a public event or a dine-out. Whenever possible our social is tied to celebrating a Jewish holiday or a Jewish sponsored event. Recent socials included a backyard Succoth dinner, a Chanukah party and a Jewish Film Festival movie.  

For additional information about the BKB Singles’ Group, you can call (702) 763-4117 or send e-mail to