I am Arlene Goodman, the President of BKB.

​BKB is more than just a place to worship. It is an extended family. Our spiritual leader is Moreh Alan G. Spector. Our choir led by Tim Cooper is the only choir in Las Vegas that sings at every service adding beauty to our traditional music. We have clubs and activities that cater to our senior community.  Come and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of this extraordinary congregation. You are welcome at any time to attend a service and feel the welcoming friendship of our community. ​We all look forward to meeting you.   
Feel the warmth that is BKB and .........
Welcome Home

Contact us if you have any questions......  

arlvegas@aol.com which is monitored daily.  If you want to reach someone in our organization immediately, call 


  • Yerushalayim shel zahav5:46

Traditional Synagogue

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