I am Steve Commander, President of Bet Knesset Bamidbar Temple (BKB), the largest 50+ adult congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada, located in wonderful Sun City Summerlin, the largest senior community in the Las Vegas area. We are a traditional synagogue with services, clubs and functions catered to the needs and desires of the 50+ community.

Bet Knesset Bamidbar translates into Congregation in the Desert and we are a vibrant, sociable oasis for Jewish adults looking to make that special congregational connection.  BKB is so much more than just a place to worship. Our outgoing and friendly members make all who attend our services feel welcome and an integral part of our extended family. Our Spiritual Leader and Cantor, our Musical Director and our Choir enrich our services with joyful singing. 

Come join us and experience all the joy, warmth and camaraderie that our exceptional temple has to offer. We welcome guests and prospective congregants to join us at any time. 

We all look forward to meeting you.   
Feel the warmth that is BKB and .........
Welcome Home

Contact us if you have any questions......

702-391-2750 or Info@BKBLV.ORG 

  • Yerushalayim shel zahav5:46

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