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Type SizeSize6+ Months (price/month)3 Months (price/month)1 Month (price/month)
1/2 bus card1.75 x 2$15$17.25$18.75
Business card3.5 x 2$30$34.50$37.50
1/8 page3.75 x 2.5$40$51.75$56.25
1/4 page3.75 x 5$60$69$75
1/2 page7.5 x 5$110$126.50$137.50
Full page7.5 x 10$200$230$250

After checking the size of ad and duration, please send a check for the full amount made out to BKB. Send it to the Media chairperson – Al Fiel, 9316 Quail Ridge Drive, Las Vegas NV 89134. Please send camera ready art with the appropriate size or e-mail a JPG file with your ad to: or call him at with questions. 702-218-0129.

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